Although the E supports dual processors, few, if any, dual-processor E motherboards were ever built. Although the Profusion chipset itself has been discontinued, an improved version of the chipset was developed by Compaq now owned by Hewlett-Packard for use in servers using the Xeon MP processor. In addition to the core components, parts are available for scaling up to a more powerful design. The chipset includes the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface ACPI , allowing quick power down and up, remote start-up over a LAN for remote network management, plus temperature and fan speed sensors. The success of the BX chipset has caused various software emulation and virtualization packages to use it as part of their virtual system.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Optionally, network interface and RAID controller interface chips could be added as well. However, the greater complexity of four-way and larger multiprocessor server architectures using Intel processors requires the use of several specialized chips.

The LX quickly took over in the marketplace after it was introduced in August The crossbar switch and support for multiple PCI bus bridge chips enable servers based on Profusion to handle memory, processor, cache coherency, and PCI bridge failures xardbus continuing to operate.

Ball grid array BGA chips use solder balls on the underside of the chip.

Intel 440BX

This article needs additional citations for verification. See All Related Store Items. Both Intel and third-party vendors have used the chipset to build dual-processor server motherboards.


Cqrdbus additional components shown in Figure 3. The chipset uses the same hub architecture and modular design as the rest of the family of chipsets, with some additional components that enable more performance.

Note Quad flat pack QFA is a method used for surface-mounting a chip to a board. It also supports up to 2GB of memory, twice that of the BX.

Intel BX – ThinkWiki

Related Resources Store Articles Blogs. Having performed the preparatory tasks and physically connected the hard disk drives, we’re now ready cardbis configure the RAID array. Quad flat pack QFA is a method used for surface-mounting a chip to a board. The NX chipset does not support AGP because high-end video is not an issue in network fileservers.

ECC memory support delivers improved reliability to business system users. 404bx that use QFA packaging have leads on all four sides of the chip.

Chipset Guide

However, this chipset was never designed with the Pentium II in mind, whereas the newer LX was optimized specifically to take advantage of the Pentium II architecture. The LX chipset was the first Intel Pentium II chipset to use a single-chip North Bridge design, setting a design standard that would be followed by subsequent designs.

Windows software utility to keep the PC operating optimally.

Either is designed to work with the same ICH as used with the other series chipsets, such as the and Up to 8GB of memory is supported in total. Although both are commonly known as Orion, the KX was originally known as Mars.


The Profusion chipset, which supports eight-way Pentium III Xeon servers, is extremely different from most other Intel chipsets for servers. The chipset also has better integration with the capabilities of the Pentium II, such as support for dynamic execution and processor pipelining. This was the first chipset to really take full advantage of the Pentium II processor. This page was last edited on 11 Aprilat The success of the BX chipset has caused various software emulation and virtualization packages to use it as part of their virtual system.

January Learn how and when to remove this template message. It was the most popular chipset for Pentium II systems from late through spring The GX can still be used in Slot 1 designs, as well. The NX supports one or two memory cards. With footprint compatibility with the BX, the ZX is intended to allow OEMs to leverage BX design and validation investment to produce new systems to meet entry level market segment needs.

Views Read Edit View history. The KX was designed for networked or standalone workstations and is also suitable for low-end servers; the more powerful GX was designed for servers.